BMAA Wings Scheme

Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation is a registered provider for the BMAA’s ‘Strip Skills’ course which counts towards the award of a BMAA Wings Award in either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond, part of the CAA’s PROUD scheme.

Why should you complete the Strip Skills course?

“Operating a microlight aircraft safely from more demanding flying sites such as unmade farm and private strips requires a high standard of knowledge and flying skills. Pilots who have trained at large airfields may have little or no experience of such smaller strips and are therefore vulnerable to making errors. Accidents during take-off and landing at small private and/or farm strips with demanding runways, surroundings and approaches have accounted for a large proportion of the total for many years now. This BMAA Course is designed to develop and reinforce the knowledge and skills required by pilots to tackle these strips safely and with confidence.”

That’s the guidance from the syllabus, but it’s also a fun and very satisfying process and will give you the confidence to fly in and out of strips that you might perhaps have avoided as ‘too difficult’ beforehand.

The Strip Skills course is charged at the same Ground School and Flying Lesson rate as the NPPL syllabus.

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