Learning to fly is done in accordance with a training syllabus resulting in the award of a National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL)

In addition to mastering the practical skills of learning to fly your chosen microlight type, students are required to sit examinations in 5 subjects. These are set by the Civil Aviation Authority and are:

Air Law

Human Performance and Limitations

Aircraft (General)



If that looks daunting, don’t panic! Rest assured, none of the exams is especially difficult and the format is multiple choice. Some study in your own time will be required – BUT – unlike the school environment where often it can sometimes feel you’re learning something to no real purpose, everything you study has a  practical application on your journey towards becoming a pilot.

Ground School

MALSA offer Ground School sessions at reasonable rates; these are not mandatory, but as the cost of Ground school is not much more than that of re-sitting an exam, why not take advantage of our expertise? Students usually choose to sit their exam immediately following Ground School and we have a very high pass rate.

Here are some testimonials from our students:

“Ground School was a definite benefit and I would encourage any other students to take advantage of your knowledge, many thanks for your time and commitment today very much appreciated.”

“Cosgrove is fine, but practical explanations make it all easier to understand. Meteorology next, I wont be doing that without ground school.”

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