Continuation Training

Continuation Training – Achieving your Pilot’s license is just the beginning, not the end.

We’re often asked “What do I do after I get my license?” Well, in addition to offering aircraft shares via the MAM Recreational Flying Group, we are pleased to offer bespoke packages to take you as far as you wish.

Options include:

Use of GPS Systems.

Zone crossings and MATZ penetrations.

Navigating complex airspace and R/T (including Distress and Diversion calls)

Using the ‘Listening squawk’

Flights across water – fly to the isle of Wight, to France, Holland, the Highlands and Islands or wherever the urge takes you.

Just ask us about continuation training and we’ll be happy to oblige – achieving your Pilot’s license is just the beginning, not the end!

Standard rates apply

Farm Strip Skills course

You may also be interested in our ‘Strip Skills’ course, part of the BMAA’s Wings scheme. Completing this course will give you the confidence to operate from short and/or narrow strips which bring their own unique challenges. It also counts towards the award of a BMAA Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond certificate and is both fun and satisfying!

Standard rates apply


Please contact us to discuss/arrange continuation training

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